Reinventing urban living

Asuntoyhtymä kohde

Reinventing property development and management

We develop and manage properties in Finland’s growth centres to help people live their lives better and more sustainably. Renting out homes through our consumer brand Joo Kodit, we want to make rental living easier and more carefree.

We only make long-term investments, which we've evaluated for their impact on future generations. This means taking responsibility for the sustainable development of communities, while respecting the well-being of both people and the environment.

Rather than problems, we focus on continuous development and improvement. Our simple, honest and fast-moving way of working makes life less complicated for everyone from our partners to tenants.

Looking for a new home?

Asuntoyhtymä’s rental homes are now called Joo Kodit! See the apartments available in Finland and all the information about our services for residents on our new website at

2B 92 Olohuone

A reliable partner

We’re an easy, reliable and uncomplicated partner. Whether you’re looking for a buyer for your land or your apartment block, or piloting a low-carbon innovation, we’d love to hear from you.
2B 92 Makuuhuone

A people-focused workplace

Everyone in our team is committed to taking responsibility for their own work and given opportunities to develop themselves and the way we work. We're passionate about what we do, but without sacrificing a good work-life balance.
2B 92 Keittiö

A responsible, long-term owner

Being a responsible, long-term owner means enabling new ways to live sustainably, while promoting the sustainable development of evolving urban communities. We invest in properties to keep hold of them for generations, taking the best possible care of our homes, our tenants, and the environment.
Asuntoyhtymä kohde

Completed rental apartments


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